My Dobes

2009 Show / Test Results


Jacobi pulls a Hat Trick ...Thank you Judge

Bud Haverstock, Harold Hutchison & Ed Wild !!!


Jacobi finished in the Top Dobes of 2009,

winning the NBKC Top Dog Award Of The Year !!




HALIFAX, NS - On Feb 14, 2009 under Judge Wayne Thompson (BC),   Jacobi came home with Gr 2nd, first time out in 2009  ...

BIBLE HILL, NS - On  March 28, 2009 under Judge Merlin Van de Kinder (BC),   Jacobi comes home with a Gr 1st  !!

TRENTON, NS - On April 19, 2009 under Judge Martin Doherty (ON),  Jacobi comes home with a Gr 3rd !!
MONCTON, NB - On May 3, 2009 under Judge Donald Duncan (ON),  Jacobi comes home with a Gr 4th !!

DARTMOUTH, NS - On May 10, 2009 under Judge Paul Odenkirchen (ON),  Jacobi comes home with a Gr 3rd !!

AMHERST, NS - On May 16, 2009 under Judge F.M. MacDonald (ON),  Jacobi comes home with a Gr 3rd!!

TORBAY, NL - On May 23, 2009 under Judges Bud Haverstock (AB) & Harold Hutchison (ON).... Jacobi takes Back to Back BIS !!!!  
Then on May 24, 2009, under Judge Ed Wild (ON), Jacobi takes another BIS & under Judge David Markus (MB), Jacobi grabs a Gr 2nd !!

Thank You Brenda

STE-MARIE DE BEAUCE, QC - On Aug 9, 2009, Jacobi traveled to Quebec with the help of Canine Artistry where he takes the breed under Judge Donna Cole (BC) & a Gr 2nd under Judge Jack Ireland (ON)  .....

Thank You Ladies!! 

LAVAL, QC - On September 18/20, 2009, Jacobi traveled yet again to Quebec with the girls where he comes home with two Gr 2nd under Judges David Eadie (ON) & Breeder\Judge Hank Williams (USA)... Thanks Ladies !!!

SUNNY CORNER, NB - On Sept 26, 2009, Jacobi goes up to Miramichi NB with the girls to brings home a Gr 2nd under Judge Donald Fitzsimmonds and a Gr 4th under Judge Robert Whitney & the next day - On Sept 27th , Jacobi brings home two Gr 3nd under Breeder/Judges Mr & Mrs Michael (Sandy) Gelinas (ON)....

BIBLE HILL, NS - On Oct 10 & 11th , Jacobi brings home a Group 1st under Judge Agnes Ganami-Kertes (Isreal) & a group 2nd under Judge Nancy Popovich (BC)......

CHARLOTTETOWN, PE- On Oct 30th, Jacobi travels to PEI and brings home a Gr 3rd under Judge Marilyn Mincey (BC) , Thank you ladies !!!

MONCTON, NB - On Nov 15th , Under Judge Elaine Whitney, Jacobi takes the breed at a Working Booster in his hometown and comes home with a Gr 3rd !!  After the show, Jacobi passed his CGN Test thanks to the Moncton Kennel Club ...Achieving his Grand Canadian Championship !!!


 2008 Show/Test Results


In less then 6 months

Jacobi acquired his Can Ch @ 7 months old

~ 1 BPIS, 9 BPIG, 3 Gr 2nd, 3 Gr 3rd & 3 Gr 4th

Finishing in the Top 15 Dobes of  2008, Jacobi was the

 Top Working Puppy of Atlantic Canada



March 29 & 30 2008 - BIBLE HILL, NS   Under Judges Betty McHugh (Ont) & Teresa Gallo (Arg),  Jacobi brings home 5 points towards his Ch taking two BOW, BOS & BPIB !!

April  5 & 6  2008  TRENTON, NS    Under Judges Patricia Lanctot & Emily Gratton, Jacobi takes BOW & BPIB for @ more points and his first BPIG & BPIS!!

May 3 & 4, 2008 MONCTON, NB    Under Judges Denise Cornelssen & David Paterson, Jacobi takes BOW, BOS & BPIB again to complete his Can Ch in 3 weekends !!!

May 17 & 18, 2008 AMHERST, NS   Under Judges Virginia Lyne & Peter Machen Jacobi takes BOB first time as a Special & under  Judges Don Wallance & Charles Cyopik,  Jacobi wins BOW & another BPIG !!

May 24 & 25, 2008 BERESFORD, NB   Under Judges  Richard Fehler&  David Markus, Jacobi takes two more BPIG !!

June 21 & 22, 2008 MILL RIVER, PE    Under Guteborg Soares ( Brazil) Jacobi takes his third BOB over Specials!!

July  12 & 13, 2008 KENSINGTON, PE   Under Judge Larry Kereluke , Jacobi takes a Gr 2nd  with  another PBIG & under  Melvin Beech a Gr 4th !!

July 25, 26 & 27, 2008 FREDERICTON, NB   Under Judge John B. Ross, Jacobi takes a Gr 4th with a  BPIG  & under Judge  Ray Smith, a Gr 2th & BPIG again!!

September 13 & 14, 2008  TRENTON, NS    After a Two month break, Jacobi returns to the ring  under judges Judith Hunt ( BOB) David Eadie ( Gr 3rd),  Charles Hunt ( Gr 3rd) , Dave Markus ( Gr 4th)  for a wonderful weekend !!

 Sept 27 & 28, 2008 SUNNY CORNER,  NB    Under Judges Michael Bouchard & Ole Nielsen, Jacobi brings home a Gr 2nd & 3rd !!

October 11  2008 , in conjuction with the  NS GSD club, Jacobi passes his TT Test at  just 14 months old  !!

October 25, 2008 CHARLOTTETOWN, PE ~FIRST ATLANTIC TOP DOGS AWARDS~ jacobi takes home a Gr 3rd under Judges Nora Bagnall,  Brian Stevens & Alan Brown !!