My Dobes

KIki takes a Gr 2nd ( over BIS specials) under working Judge Jack Ireland

KIki takes a Gr 2nd ( over BIS specials) under working Judge Jack Ireland

 Kiki takes two Gr 1st under

Bud Haverstock & Phyllis Pancel

with two BPIG & her 5th BPIS

 Kiki takes her 3 rd BPIG  & a Group 3rd under Judge Cheryl Egeron, then

under Breeder Judge Donald Duncan a 4th BPIG, another Gr 3rd &

a 2nd Best Puppy in Show in Bathurst with Erin LeBlanc

 Kiki takes another  breed win  to complete her Canadian Championship under

Judge James Reynolds with Marjorie Ross in Amherst NS as a Jr.  puppy

 Kiki takes BOW at the DKC  Doberman Booster under

Breeder Judge Cherie Holmes with Jessica  Rock

 Kiki takes a Gr 2nd and a BPIS under Peter Machen  


Kiki takes another Best Puppy in Group under Mrs. Whitney followed by her first

Best Puppy In Show under Mr. Whitney  with Marjorie Ross in Amherst NS


Kiki takes R. Best in Show under    Judge  Bud Haverstock @ 9 months old

 Kiki takes her first BOB ( Over Specials)  & Best Puppy in Group under  Judge 

Paula Hartinger during the Moncton Show with  

Erin LeBlanc & Jessica Rock