My Dobes

2012 Litter - Geo X Kiki

CH Cha-Rish 'N Sioul's God Of  War 

CH Sioul's I Speak Of War 

CH Sioul's War Of The Red Dragons

CH Sioul's Quest For A Red Dragon

CH Sioul' s War Horse   

CH Sioul's Black Foot War Bonnet 

 CH Sioul's Man O' War 

Sioul's Kiss Of A Red Dragon 

Sioul's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

2013 Litter- Jacobi X Kiki

Sioul's Black Reign

MBPIS CH Sioul's Lady In Black

MBIS CH Sioul's Black Caviar 

Sioul's Black Point 

Sioul's Black Edition CGN

CH Sioul's Black Moon Arisin' 

Sioul's Black Shael 

Sioul's Black Lync

2015 Litter - Cowboy X Scar

Sioul's Cest La Vie 
Sioul's Champagne On Ice 
Sioul's Caught In the Act
Sioul's Chain Reaction
Sioul's Come What Come May
Sioul's Conspiracy Theory
Sioul's Cowan's Creek
Sioul's Crimson N Cream GCN

2017 Litter - Cowboy X Scar

Sioul's For Whom the Bell Tolls
Sioul's Halo On Fire
Sioul's Enter Sandman
Ch Sioul's Master Of Puppets

                       2020 Litter - Jack x Abbie

Sioul's The Devil Among The Tailors
Sioul's The Devil's Endeavour
Sioul's The Devil's Playground

2021 Litter - Hero X Teakah

Nevar Between The Devil N The Starrs V Sioul

CH Nevar Catch A Devils Starr V Sioul

CH Nevar Devil's Supercharged V Sioul

CH Nevar Emperor's Ruler Of The Devil Starr V Sioul

Nevar Flirting Wit The Devils Superbeast V Sioul

Nevar GhostHunt For Devil Mornig Starr V Sioul

CH Nevar Supersonic Devil's Starr V Sioul 

Sioul's A Devil Among The Starrs V Nevar

2021 Litter - Sven X Mollie 

Sioul's Face The Devil U Know Nevar

Sioul's Faded With The Devil v Nevar

Sioul's Fell In Luv With A Devil v Nevar

Sioul's Filling In For The Devil v Nevar

Sioul's For The Devil's Keep v Nevar

Sioul's Forbidden Devils Third v Nevar

Sioul's Finely Carved With Love v Nevar

Sioul's For All Of The Devils In Black Clover Nevar