My Dobes

May 8th 2010 - Jacobi tries out Rally under famous Judge Michael A. Calhoun and comes home with two legs towards his RN Title !!!


2010 Show Results  



 At 7 months of age, Kiki picked up her first BOB & BPIG under Judge Paula Hartinger and the rest is History!!

As a puppy, she accumulated 10 Group placements, 16 BPIG's, 5 BPIS's, 1 BPISS,  an AOM along with a RBIS;  

We are so proud of our little girl ....and we look forward to her future



*BOW / BPIB  March 28, 2010 Truro NS  - Judge Susan Badick (Alberta)

*BOW/ BPIB April 17 & 18, 2010 Pictou NS - Judges Doug Gaudin & Avery Gaudin (Ontario)

*BOB/ BPIB/ BPIG  May 8th , 2010 Moncton -  Breeder Judge Paula Hartinger, from the JR class (USA)

*BOW/ BPIB May 16th - Breeder Judge Cherie Holmes, at the DKC Doberman Booster (BC)

*BOB/BPIB May 22th - Judge Michael Hill & James Reynolds (ON), New  Canadian  Championship

*BOB/BPIG/ BPIS  May 23rd - Judge Mr & Mrs Whitney (ON)

*BOB May 29th  - Bathurst  NB, Judges Sharon Derrick & Carol Graham

*BOB/ BPIG/ BPIS/ Gr 3rd May 30th Bathurst -  Breeder Judge Donald Duncan (ON)

*BOB/ BPIG/ Gr 3rd May 30th- Bathurst -Judge Cheryl Myers Egerton (NS)

*BOB/BPIG/BPIS/Gr 2nd- June 12 th- Oromocto Working Judge Jack Ireland (over BIS specials)

*BOB/BPIG/ Gr 4th- June 12th - Oromocto-  Judge Chris Neilson (ON)

*BPIB/BPIG June 13th - Oromocto - Judge Ole Neilsen (ON)

*BOB/BPIS/ Gr 2nd - June 26 - Canning NS - Judge Peter Machen (NB)

*BOB/ Gr 1st/ RBIS - June 27th - Canning NS- Judge Bud Haverstock (AB) ( Over MBIS winners)

*BOB/ Gr 1st / BPIS - June 27th - Canning NS- Judge Phyllis Pancel (ON) ( Over MBIS winners

*BPISS & AOM - July 2nd 2010- Portage MB, Judge Mrs P Smith (USA)

* BPIB/ BPIG - July 24th - Fredericton NB, Judge David Oljalvo (Argentina)

*BOB/BPIB- Aug 21st - NBKC shows, Judges Polly Smith & Virginia Lyne (Over AM Gr winning Specials)

* BOB/ Gr 2nd/BPIG- Aug 28th - Cape Breton, NS, Judge Ole Neilson (ONT)

*BOB/ BPIG - Aug 28th - Cape Breton, NS, Judge Phyllis Wolfish

*BOB/ Gr 3rd / BPIG - Aug 29- Cape Breton, NS- Judges Martin Doherty & Thomas Touzel

*BOB/Group 1st - Sept 25th-Sunny Corner, NB- Judge Peter Machen

*BOB/ Group 2nd - Sept 26th-Sunny Corner, NB - Judge Michael Shoreman

*BOB/ Group 4th - Sept 26th-Sunny Corner, NB - Judge RoseMary Shoreman

*BOB / Group 2nd - Oct 29th - PEI- Judge Warren Hood

*BOB/ Group 3rd- Oct 30th - PEI- Breeder Judge Janet Lobb

Kiki attended the 2010 Atlantic Top Dog Awards in PEI where she came home with a

GR 1st in the Puppy catagory & a Gr 1st first in the Adult catagory over MBIS winners


Kiki wins the NBKC Top Puppy Award Of The Year 2010 !!


Kiki finishes 2010 as Canada's # 1 Doberman puppy, # 10 Doberman, # 4 Working puppy & # 15 All breed puppy 

# 1 Doberman &  # 1 Working Puppy in Atlantic Canada

Kiki finished her Canadian Championship on May 22, 2010

going BOB over Specials 

Here are Kiki's stats as of Oct 31st, 2010

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 RBIS BPIS/ BPISS BPIG
3 5 5 2 1 6 16

She finishes her puppy career with over 30 Breed wins & over 40 Best Puppy in Breed wins


 2011 News


Feb 12/13 2011 - Halifax NS- Under judge Marion Postgate - Jacobi completed his Rally Novice Tittle

April 30 & May 1st 2011- Windsor, NS -  Kiki completed her CFC Ch  with 3 Excellent cards along with three  Group 1st....  In the afternoon, we moved her up where she competed  for her  Elite Ch, obtaining her 1st Excellent card along with a Group 2nd ... we look forward to the fall CFC shows in Windsor NS

April 17 2011- Pictou, NS-BOB under judge Chan Weng Woh 

May 7/8 2011- Moncton, NB-BOB under Cheryl Shaw and Linda Millman (Group 2nd)

May 14/15 2011- Dartmouth, NS-BOB under Neil Graves and Janet Buchanan (Group 3rd)

June 4/5 2011- South Shore, NS- BOB under Michael Shoreman and Rosemary Shoreman (Group 3rd)

June 11/12, 2011- Oromocto, NB - BOB under Thomas Nesbitt, Chris Neilson (Group 2nd), Heather Langfeld (Group 4th)  and  judge Donald Duncan (Group 4th) 

June 18/19 2011 - Mill River, PEI - BOB under Felicitas Helene Mattosh & Luiz Cabral Costa 

July 16/17 2011 - Chaleur, NB - BOB under  Donald Emsile,  Kathleen Anderson - Wulff  and  Tim Doxtater (Group 4th)

July 30/ Aug 1st  2011- Fredericton, NB - BOB under Patricia Gilbert  with a Gr 4th under John B Ross & BOB under John Forbes (Gr 1st)

Aug 13/12 2011- Charlottetown, PEI - BOB under Thora Brown (Gr 4th) , Alan Brown  (Gr 3rd ), Guy Jeavons (Gr 3rd) & Mark Houston McMillan

Aug 20/21 2011- Saint John, NB - BOB under Aldon Garland (Gr 4th) , Michael Forte (Gr 3rd) & Wayne Thompson (Gr 4th)

Sept 10/11 2011- Pictou, NS - BOB under Doug Windsor, Michael HIll, Edgar Bajona & Deborah Graffman (Gr 3rd)

Sept 24/25- Miramichi, NB - BOB under judge David Markus & Breeder Judge Rick Fehler (Gr 2nd)

Oct 30 2011- Charlottetown, PEI- BOB under judge Michael Woods (ON)  

Nov 13 2011- Moncton , NB - BOB under judge Ron Mahon (ON)