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CH Cha-Rish 'N Sioul's God Of  War -  Murphy   

Currently located in New Brunswick  

                                      Sioul's Girl With The Dragon Tattoo -                                                                    Loved by Paula Boudreau - 4 months old ( NIETZSHE)

        Group placing  BBPIS MBBPIG MBPIG CH Sioul's I Speak Of War -                   

          Group Winning  MBPIG CH Sioul's War Of The Red Dragons - - 9  mths                   

 MBPIG CH Sioul's Quest For A Red Dragon -

Loved by Jayson Murphy ( PENNY)


MBPIG CH Sioul's War Horse  -

                            Loved by Denise Gallant -  9 months old                           

    MBPIG  CH Sioul's  BlackFoot WarBonnet - Loved by Stephanie Beauregard                  

Sioul's Kiss Of A Red Dragon- Loved by Avai Kochanoff  in Nova Scotia                Sioul's Man O' War - Loved by Aaron Wallace & Sioul Dobes in Ont

-OUR 2013 LITTER -


MBIS  MBPIS MBPIG MBBPIS GCH. Sioul's Black Caviar  

 Multi Group placing  BPIS MBPIG MBBPIS CH. Sioul's Lady In Black 


Sioul's Black Lync- Owned by Denise & Robert MacCormack

Sioul's Black Reign- Owned by Danielle Fanning

Sioul's Black Shael- Owned by Gisele Gautreau 

Sioul's Black Moon Arisin'- Owned by Sioul dobes  

Sioul's Black Point - Owned by Rachael Quackenbush

Sioul's Black  Edition CGN  - Owned by Mellisa and Jamie Cormier 

2018 Litter 
Viggo X Cavi 

CH Sioul's Guaco My Taco

Sioul's The Whole Anchilada